Why Market Ready

Potential buyers are attracted to homes that are move-in ready and have been modernized. We understand that homeowners can’t make a big investment in a house they are leaving, but also want to list at the best possible price.

We know what attracts buyers, and how to make affordable changes that boost your homes appeal.


  • Paint selection: Buyers like new, fresh paint. You may need to paint the whole house, or maybe just a room or two. We know the colors that are trending and appeal to the largest audience.
    Tip: Contemporary paint colors make a house feel newer!
  • Lighting fixtures: Nothing dates a house like old fixtures. We can replace old fixtures with low cost, new fixtures, giving your house a modern look. Even changing a single, focal point, entrance fixture can make a huge statement.
    Tip: Lighting upgrades give buyers the feeling that your house has been well maintained, helping you compete with newer homes.
  • Kitchen: An old, out of date kitchen can make or break a home sale. Give an older kitchen a facelift with a few, low cost changes. Painting cabinets, changing countertops, or removing wallpaper can give the appearance that the whole kitchen has been updated.
  • Bathrooms: Stained grout, scummy tubs and mold are all BIG turnoffs to potential buyers. We can help “rehab” your bathroom to get it looking its best.
    Tip: Painting a vanity, replacing the mirror or changing the faucet can make an old bathroom look new. New towels also make a positive statement.
  • Replacement Doors: Mirrored closet and Luan doors also say “old house.” Buyers are very turned off by bi-fold doors that seem cheap or don’t open easily.
    Tip: most people do not realize how inexpensive replacement doors are and the big impact they have.
  • Curb Appeal: We will help you accentuate the positive features on the outside of your home to engage buyers from the moment they pull up.
    Tip: Small changes like painting the front door can have a huge impact!
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