I have had the pleasure of using the services of Lesa Ankney and her company and highly recommend them. She is very thorough, efficent and professional at all times. She has a trained staff that tackles any and all repairs to make a real estate closing a reality. Their work is exceptional and pleases the buyers for its quality and the sellers for its competitive pricing. Lesa will addrress all of the issues from contract to closing. Her work is first class and I plan to use her services again.
R. Hutter Gale
Keller Williams Elite Realty
After my husband  passed away in October, I wondered if I would ever get our 3600 sq ft house ready to sell. Dreams do come true. After hiring other losers who made such a mess, Lesa Ankney came to my rescue. In matter of just a a few weeks she transformed my house into a beautiful, stately house that sold the very first day it went on the market! I am beaming with pride and I owe it all to her.  She is the best of the best of the best!
Gail H.

I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Lesa Ankney and Market Ready Virginia as her first client. I met Lesa in a serendipitous fashion as a result of her previous job working for a company that bought houses in need of refurbishing. When her company and myself were unable to come to terms on an acceptable purchase agreement, I was forced to do renovations on the home. The challenge for me was that I live in Dover, Delaware and the home is in Newport News, Virginia (4¼ hour drive).  I happened to ask Lesa if she knew any contractors that were trustworthy who could help me to renovate the property from a distance. As a result, Lesa was willing to help me not only with this but with all aspects of the process of getting renovations done. She obtained bids from various contractors and did research on the contractors to assure the quality of their work. Additionally, she checked on the house regularly in the wintertime to assure that the heat was functioning in the pipes would not freeze. She communicated with me regularly and checked on the progress of the construction/renovation project which was large in scale. She also was willing to work with vendors to assist with the ordering and receiving of appliances and other items that were being delivered to the house. She went the extra mile in all aspects of this trying to find the best value for the contractor services and the appliances. She even found me an excellent sale for the appliances would save me considerable money.

In addition to providing all the above services, Lesa also did an amazing job cleaning after the contractor and was able to bring up the old hardwood floors to quite an impressive look given that they were not refinished. The most impressive part of this experience with Lesa Ankney and Market Ready Virginia was the manner in which you provided the service. Lesa is incredibly calm, proficient, extremely knowledgeable in one of the kindest people I’ve ever experienced. It is evident in just a few short experiences with Lesa, that she has a working faith that results in detailed excellence in her work and a true servant’s heart in the manner in which she interacts with her customer.

Glenn B.
“I have worked with Lesa Ankney on multiple projects over the years. Her strong work ethic and exceptional management skills allowed seemingly impossible projects to come together seamlessly. I highly recommend her services.”
Terry M.
Chief Financial Officer




Market Ready Virginia, LLC
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